Deciding Whether To Unlock Or Not

If your iPhone 6 is locked to a service provider, you have to use the services of the carrier till the end of the contract period. Generally, you have to pay a low upfront fees for the iPhone, but the contracts are often expensive. In reality, at the end of the contract period, you would have paid twice the cost of the phone and still the phone will be locked to the network operator. The recent move by the government to implement Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act enables you to do it directly from the network operator. However, this can be done only after you complete the two years mentioned in your contract.

Rather than waiting for the contract to end and paying huge phone bills every month, you can easily unlock your iPhone with third party suppoiers. The factory unlocking method is the only legitimate way if you want to know how to unlock it. If you are still not convinced, following are 4 reasons why you should unlock right away.

No worries about contract

The locked network providers provide most of the iPhone services at an additional cost. As your iPhone is locked, you have little choice because you have to honor the contract. Once you remove the SIM-lock you don’t have to worry about the contract anymore. You don’t have to keep paying the hidden charges and fees every month. When you travel locally and internationally, you don’t have to pay the huge roaming fee charged by the locked carrier. You can watch and download hd movies free.

Freedom to change service providers

You have complete freedom to choose any service provider in any country. Factory unlocking will work in all countries so that you can pop in any local SIM card and enjoy local rates. When you are not satisfied with your current operator and find better deals with other providers, you can switch to any provider at any time. There is no need to pay anything extra to terminate your contract before expiry.

Cost saving

If you unlock the iPhone 6s using factory unlocking method, your phone will work just like an unlocked phone out of the box. You don’t have to pay the full price of the phone if you unlock using third parties. Moreover, once you unlock the iPhone 6S, you can choose the best data and text plan provided by any network operator. You can even use a local prepaid SIM card if you want. This literally saves you hundreds of dollars on phone bills every month.

Increased resale value

Needless to say, unlocked iPhone’s are hugely preferred by anyone. This means that your unlocked iPhone will have a much better resale value. You will not only save money while using your unlocked phone, but you also have the opportunity to earn money from your phone. In fact, you can recover most of the cost of your phone when you sell an unlocked iPhone. You only have to spend a few dollars to instantly increase its resale value.


All cell phones, including Apple iPhone’s, are provided along with network operator contracts at subsidized rates. Those who want to purchase iPhone’s simply have to make a few hundred dollars down payment and walk away with the latest iPhone along with carrier contract. You eventually need data and text plans and so, the idea of getting a contract along with the phone may sound impressive. However, the reality is that the contracts are often expensive and you end up paying more than the worth of the phone and services combined together. The problem is even more annoying if you travel internationally frequently because your iPhone won’t work with any other service provider. You can enjoy true freedom with your iPhone 6S if you go through the process of unlocking it using the below available methods.

Practically, anyone who loves using an iPhone can benefit from iPhone 6S unlocking. You don’t have to stick with the expensive two year contracts when you know how to unlock iPhone 6S. Once unlocked, you can change the SIM card and even use prepaid GSM services. While you can’t experience great internet speeds with prepaid cards, they are still much better than paying a lot of money for network operator contracts every month. Unlocked iPhone’s are particularly useful for travelers who explore different countries. You don’t have to constantly worry about expensive international roaming when you unlock iPhone 6S. You can easily use any local GSM operator for as long as you stay in the country.

In many countries, the policy of the countries prevents Apple from selling locked phones. However, in the US, the carriers are privileged to sell exclusive iPhone’s and they take advantage of it. If you want to purchase an iPhone 6S in the US and gift it to your loved ones in another country then you need to unlock it first before it can be used with another SIM card. Moreover, unlocked iPhone’s have better resale value and you can make more money when you replace your old iPhone.

Using the software unlocking method is one of the common types of unlocking method used in unlocking iPhone’s. However, there are lots of dangers associated with this method. Without technical knowledge, you can’t even attempt to unlock your iPhone using software programs. Even if you unlock successfully, you can’t update iOS because the software unlock is limited by iOS, firmware and baseband.

The best method to unlock any iPhone 6S is to use the factory unlocking method provided by numerous online companies. After unlocking your 6S plus will just work like a factory unlocked phone right out of the box which means it can be used with any network operator in any country without worrying about relock. The factory unlocking method legally disables the software lock that Apple places on iPhone’s to lock the phone to carriers. You have to find the right unlocking provider and give the IMEI number of your phone. Once payment is made, you should wait for the confirmation from the company. Then you have to connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore the phone. Your iPhone will be permanently unlocked in a few hours if you use factory unlocking method.


Generally speaking, to purchase an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus you simply do it by walking into the store of the network service that you choose to use with your device. However those iPhone’s will always be locked to that network only which means you cannot switch out the SIM card from another cell phone company and expect it to function with your 6S plus. You have to pay some upfront cost and sign a contract to use the network operator for at least two years. You can choose from one of the data and call service plans provided by the locked carrier. Generally, the plans are expensive and if you want a shorter contract period, you have to pay more every month. You can alternatively purchase factory unlocked phones directly from Apple store and in that case, you have to pay for the full price of the phone including the taxes. If you want the power of factory unlocked phone without having to pay for it, then you need to unlock iPhone 6S that is locked to a carrier.

Compared to other unlocking methods, the factory unlocking method protects the warranty of your iPhone 6+. For any repairs you can take the phone to the Apple store and use the free services under the contract scheme. This means that you can enjoy unlocked iPhone without worrying about the cost of repairs. Apple stores will repair your phone and replace the broken parts if your phone malfunctions within the contract period. Even if you don’t use the contracted service provider, you can enjoy warranty services if you know how to unlock iPhone 6S properly.

Deciding on iPhone 6S unlocking using factory IMEI unlocking method provides best value for your money because you don’t have to make any changes to the phone. There is no need to modify hardware for the unlocking to work. You don’t have to download and install software that alters the behavior of your phone. Your iPhone can run on any baseband and any firmware and the unlock will work seamlessly. You can easily update iOS at any point of time without worrying about losing the unlock. All you need to do is connect your phone to iTunes and restore the phone once your unlocking provider informs you that the unlocking is complete. Then, you can change the SIM and use the phone as much as you want without worrying about huge phone bills.

Some third party providers provide carrier unlock which simply unlocks your phone from the carrier in your country. With such a method you won’t be able to use your phone in another country. Factory unlocking on the other hand helps you to unlock all iPhone 6S plus versions in any country with any network operator. Once the factory unlocking is finished, your phone will be unlocked permanently for all network operators. So, you can carry your unlocked phone to any country and enjoy the low cost network services. If you think about gifting the iPhone 6S to someone you love, then you have to unlock it first so that your loved ones can enjoy complete freedom and utilize all the features that it has to offer.


All of the lucky iPhone users are fond of their iPhone 6S, but the expensive carrier contracts are one of the most annoying factors of using an iPhone. Even if your local network operator provides great data and text plans, you can’t use the cheaper plans because you are stuck with the network operator contracts. The idea of purchasing using the Apple payment with minimal down payment is enticing, but the real fact is that you will be paying more than the worth of your phone by the end of the contract period. Moreover, locked phones don’t have a good resale value and so, the carrier contracts do nothing good for the iPhone users. You have to unlock your iPhone 6S to truly enjoy the benefits of one of the best phones in the industry.

Choosing the right unlocking method is important!

When you look up ways to unlock the iPhone 6 on the internet, you will inevitably come across hundreds of website promising the best unlocking method. If you don’t spend your time in choosing the right unlocking method, you will end up damaging your iPhone. Some providers may ask you to mail your iPhone to unlock it. Obviously, it is dangerous to trust the third parties with your iPhone because iPhone 6 S unlocking can be done easily. There is no need to make any hardware changes to the phone and so, there is no need to mail your iPhone to anyone else to unlock it.

Software unlocking is one of the popular unlocking methods commonly used by computer geeks. When you want to unlock the iPhone 6S using software unlock, you have to purchase one of the unlocking software or take a huge risk by downloading a free unlocking software. The software program will make permanent changes to your iPhone software and warranty will be voided immediately. Moreover, the success rate with software unlocking is very low and even if you are able to successfully unlock iPhone 6S, then you are stuck with the base-band and firmware on which the iPhone is unlocked. You can’t update iOS 9.0 because the phone will re-lock even if you make some minor changes to the software.

The safest and best way to SIM unlock the iPhone 6S is the factory unlocking method which will simply add the IMEI number of your phone to the factory unlocked phones database owned by Apple. Apple and certain carriers have the ability to update this database and licensed companies such as Unlock iPhone Den can do that for you for a small price. You don’t need to make any changes to unlock your iPhone.

Factory unlocking is the best unlocking method!

As no hardware or software changes are involved, the warranty of your iPhone 6S will remain intact. You can enjoy free Apple services as per your contract even though you don’t have to use the contract carrier like AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile SIM card after unlocking your phone. Your iPhone 6 S will be unlocked forever in all countries and you can use any GSM operator worldwide without worrying about the device becoming locked again.


There are many things to consider when getting your iPhone 6 factory unlocked. As of now, you can unlock any iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5S, 5C, etc. However, the difference between an unlocked and a locked iPhone as well as the benefits of unlocking your iPhone remain shrouded in mystery to many people.

The world of cell phones had improved by leaps and bounds. With the new definition of smartphones, there is hardly anything that you cannot do with your phone. Irrespective of the kind of phone and features that it has, phones can be categorized into 2 broad categories, locked and unlocked phones. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the user to decide what kind of features he/she wants to have in the phone. With factory iPhone 5S unlocking, no changes are made to the hardware or the software of the phone. Also is does affect the warranty in any manner. Factory unlocking, unlocks the iPhone so that it can now be sued with any cellular network. Locked phones come with a contract with the service provider. Such phones can only be used with a specific service provider and the phone can be unlocked only when the contract ends. Many users prefer to unlock their phones as it gives them the freedom of changing the service provider simply by changing the SIM card.

One may think that factory unlock iPhone 6 can cause it damage but on the contrary it is hundred percent safe. Unlocking the iPhone only gives you more features that you can now use on your phone without any restrictions. The benefits of factory unlocking your iPhone 6 or 6plus models far outweigh any negative implications. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to change service providers when needed. When one is traveling to foreign countries, one has to change the SIM card so that the iPhone 6 plus remains active. This is possible when the unlock iPhone 6procedure is done. If you are unhappy with the service provided by your service provider and want to change it, you need to have your iPhone unlocked. One can now stop worrying about cell phone contracts and the restrictions that come with them. There are also a number of hidden and unwanted charges that come with such contracts and it is best when you get rid of them. This is money saving although, you have to pay to get the phone unlocked, but it is one time in comparison to all the bills of the contract. If the provider increases the rates, then the per month bill of the phone increases and because the phone is locked, you cannot do anything. Unlocking iPhone gets rid of all such problems. Try to download and watch bollywood hd movies

While unlocking an iPhone by IMEI methods, the restrictions of updating to the new software and applications are also removed. Once unlock the iPhone 6 is done, you can update to the latest software and the latest version of the applications without any additional charges or restrictions. The resale value of the phone also increases for all unlocked iPhone’s. One can sell the device anytime as it has no contract of any kind. With locked iPhone s, you have to wait till the contract is over and only then you can resell it. Unlocked iPhone’s are more popular than locked iPhone’s because of the flexibility and convenience that they come with. There are so many features that you get after unlocking the iPhone. Another benefit is that unlocked iPhone’s are cheaper than locked iPhone’s and hence they fit the budget.

For those looking to figure out how to unlock iPhone 6, there are many companies that do it for a very minimal price such as the industry leader However, there are some conditions that should be met before you unlock your device. The first and most important condition is that your service provider should be supported. Companies providing iPhone unlocking have a list of carriers that they can unlock. If your iPhone’s carrier is within them, then it can be unlocked. Unlocking iPhone is very easy. All you have to do is provide your service provider details and the IMEI number and send it for unlocking. Then you receive a mail that your phone has been unlocked. After that, just connect the phone into iTunes and your phone will be unlocked. Unlocking iPhone 6+ is very easy and also very safe. If your iPhone 5C or 5S is not unlocked, you get all your money back. When the iPhone is unlocked, it does not compromise your warranty. The warranty of the iPhone is still there and not damaged at all. You can also update to the latest software without any problem and also update applications to their latest versions without any restrictions.

There are a lot of features that you can access after you unlock your iPhone. IMEI unlocking is processed officially by Apple using a licensed service like unlock iPhone den and it is available for all the various versions of iPhone. Your iPhone is unlocked within 48 hours of placing the order (unless stated otherwise). It works with all iOS versions and also supports upgrading to the latest iOS version. The best part of unlocking your iPhone is that you don’t have to go through a lot of complicated and long procedures to iPhone 6 unlock. It is very easy and convenient. You can always upgrade and sync your iPhone with iTunes without the risk of losing the unlock feature. Most of the companies provide a 100 % guarantee of successful unlock otherwise they pay the money back to the customer. So now you know how you can unlock iPhone 6 or any other iPhone and also the various benefits of unlocking iPhone. You may think that buying an already unlocked iPhone is a better option, but the price is very high in comparison of getting a locked iPhone and then unlocking it. One should always remember to get his/her iPhone unlocked by a trusted and safe company. Do not fall for cheap companies who do not provide any guarantee. Almost 80 percent of iPhone 6 users have decided to factory unlock their iPhone. More and more users are getting their device unlocked every day and it is something that all users need to consider.


If you have purchased the latest edition of Apples iPhone 6 unlocked, you must have realized that while Apple has definitely upped its game with these models and has conveniently chosen to continue imposing the restrictions on iPhone 6 plus usage. The same restrictions that have bothered iPhone users always hold true for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So, you cannot download third party applications on your iPhone and you cannot use SIM card from any carrier network of your choice. You will have to continue using the network that you sign up with during purchase; unless of course, you unlock your iPhone 6 SIM card.

Let us take a look at the top reasons that should make you want to unlock iPhone 6 today:

  1. Full Control of your unlocked iPhone 6
    The iPhone is not some inexpensive gadget that you can enter a store and buy at your whim. For most of us it requires quite a bit of planning to be able to afford the latest edition of Apple iPhones. So, when you have paid a bomb for a device, you should be able to use it completely. Least of all, you should be able to choose which network carrier you want to use on your iPhone 6.
  2. Traveling Abroad With Foreign SIM Card
    Old iPhone users must already know what we are getting at. Travelling with a locked iPhone could be nothing less than a hassle. Instead, try and picture being able to use any SIM card on your iPhone in any part of the world. That would be pretty great isn’t it? Not only will you be able to save money on international roaming; you could probably get great deals on data and other charges.
  3. Save Money on iPhone 6 Usage With Cheaper Networks
    You would end up saving a lot on your iPhone usage with iPhone 6 unlocking. You can choose a network that provides you the best rate as per your usage. Go for a network provider that suits your needs best. When you are signed up with one carrier network chances are that you would often have to compromise on that factor.

The best way on how to unlock iPhone 6 is to get it factory unlocked by a third party unlocking service. There are plenty of such services available online. You just need to be additionally careful before picking any unlocking company. There are a few simple steps that will unlock iPhone 6forever. Note down the IMEI number of your iPhone. If you are using an iPhone 6 it is engraved on the back of your iPhone.

When you provide your IMEI number you will receive a code that will automatically unlock the iPhone 6. You are just left with two other things before you can start using your iPhone 6 without any restrictions. Activate your iPhone 6 either directly over Wi-Fi or do so by connecting it to your PC and with the help of iTunes. Insert the new SIM card and you should see the network signal. Your unlock iPhone 6 is now ready for use.


Apple has a lot of restrictions imposed on its devices which is why learning how to Unlock iPhone 6 is so common in order to have full control over your mobile phone. These restrictions are there because of commercial purposes. As users you can either stick by them while using your iPhone with all the limitations, or you can find a way to break free from all the limitations subjected to your iPhone usage. Let us first take a look at what are the restrictions on the usage of a newly purchased iPhone. To begin with, you cannot use your iPhone 6 on just any network of your choice. When you purchase the iPhone you also enter a contract with the official network carrier for iPhone in your area. That means you will have to use your iPhone only on that network. Now, as is the case with thousands of you across the world, the official network carrier does not really spoil you for choices. You have limited options; be it in choosing the data plan or be it in picking the call rates at which you want to make calls. What do you do when faced with such a situation? Do you give in? Do you continue paying more on your iPhone usage? You do not have to do that because the solution is at your fingertips, literally.

Factory IMEI iPhone 6 / 6+ Unlocking

It is now extremely easy to unlock iPhone 6 unlike it used to be before. If you have ever tried unlocking the iPhone 6 using software unlock you would know how frustrating that could be. Now only was it a complicated procedure to get your iPhone unlocked, it was also a temporary solution. As you know, Apple likes to come up with new updates on their iOS 8 and firmware every now and then. But, when you upgrade to a new iOS your iPhone gets relocked again if you had it unlocked with a software unlocking solution. To avoid that you need to factory unlock your iPhone 6 using the IMEI number.

Factory unlocking gets your iPhone unlocked from Apple’s original database. So, it does not matter if you update your iPhone iOS or firmware; your iPhone will continue to remain unlocked. This is the ideal and one time solution to your iPhone woes. There are so many problems that you could be facing because you are using a locked iPhone 6. Frequent travellers are the people who go through the most because of this problem. When you travel to a different city or country with your iPhone your phone is on a roaming network. And the roaming charges with these official carriers are usually very high. So, your iPhone becomes an additional burden and a source of serious expenses. As we mentioned before, sometimes unlocking a phone means literally opening it up to make the changes. This is fine when handled by a skilled technician. However, plenty of people have caused permanent damage by attempting this. Untested software on the Internet can do the same. Instead, pay the negligible amount it will cost you to have an expert handle the process for you. The best ones never need to even touch your phone. They’ll simply ask for the IMEI number and take care of the entire unlock remotely. Your phone never needs to leave our sight or be manually opened and messed with. Hopefully by now you can see the benefits of having your phone jailbroken. So long as you unlock your iPhone 6 via the preferred method described, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Factory unlocking helps you get rid of all these problems and much more. All you need to do to get your iPhone 6 factory unlocked is to get the IMEI number of your iPhone 6. Getting hold of the IMEI number is also not difficult. You need to dial *#06# from your mobile. The number displayed on your iPhone screen is your IMEI number. Now you need to find a third party unlocking solution that will help you unlock your iPhone with the help of the IMEI number. There are a lot of third party services that helps unlock the iPhone using the IMEI number.

Software Unlocking is Inferior to Factory iPhone 6 Unlocking

Get hold of a reliable third party unlocking service. You will need to make the required payment and provide your IMEI number. An unlocking code will be sent to your iPhone and you can use that code to unlock your iPhone. It usually takes about 48 hours to receive that code. Before using that code to unlock iPhone 6 use iTunes to back up all your iPhone data and settings. Now you can proceed with the unlocking process. For you to complete the process you will need to restore your iPhone to its factory settings. After the completion of the process you can start using the new SIM card on your iPhone. Because there is so much more you can do with your phone after you unlock it. The world is full of just too many options not to. For example, once you unlock the iPhone 6, you’ll be able to go online and download anything you want, like programs and music, straight to your phone. Currently, you can only download things the company approves of through iTunes and the App Store. Apple deems the practice too dangerous, but countless users do it. Again, fortunately, the iOS can be modified without actually affecting the physical device itself. Once you do this, the phone is free to be customized as you wish. There is a whole universe of options that exist out there for people who have unlocked their phones. As an example, most iPhone 6 users would like a way to customize the wallpaper that sits on the desktop of their phone. This seems fair enough, right? But until you unlock your iPhone 6 AT&T or Apple won’t let you do it. Simply put, it’s just not an option. You’re left with the boring default option instead. Oh, unless of course you’re willing to pay an exorbitant price for it from their app store. Then Apple has no problem allowing you to proceed. Once you see how many more and cheaper options you have, you’ll wish you had jailbroken your phone much earlier.

Choose a network that gives you more choices when it comes to data plans and call rates. Choose a network that requires you paying as per usage. You should also be careful when you choose the third party unlocking service. There will be a lot of options in front of you. Opt for an unlocking service that is credible and comes with a money-back guarantee. Your iPhone usage experience will improve drastically when you successfully factory unlock iPhone 6 with the help of the IMEI number.


All of your friends have already unlocked their iPhone’s, and you are still wondering why and how you can unlock iPhone 6? First of all, let me explain what it exactly means in case you are afraid your precious phone could be damaged. The iPhone 6 looks like a computer, works like a computer, but it is not a computer simply because its OS is closed by manufacturer and will not let you download, add, copy or delete files as you are able to do on a home computer. The main advantage of unlocking your iPhone is that you will be able to use services of any telephone provider, not only the one you both your telephone from.

Can You Unlock iPhone 6

An iPhone 6 unlocking might seem to be hard and costly if you decide to “jailbreak” it. But, you have to know that if you decide to “jailbreak” your iPhone, you will be able to add or delete certain apps you’ve always wanted, but the baseband (GSM modem) will in some cases still be locked and you will not be able to use any other carrier than you already did. If you are wondering how to unlock iPhone 6 in the safest, cheapest and fastest way you should opt out for factory unlocking also known as “SIM-free”. Factory unlock will provide you with the possibility to use any SIM card, in your home country and all round the world, using any network you want. This will minimize your roaming costs while traveling. Factory unlock will work regardless of the software you use on your iPhone and is compatible on all models including 6 plus, 6, 5S, 5C, and 5.

If people just wanted better desktops, maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal to be able to unlock your iPhone 6. When’s the last time you checked how much you were charged to place phone calls or make text messages compared to other providers? For most it’s been a while, but the brief exercise is well worth it, though you may end up a bit frustrated or at least surprised. You can always ask a friend who uses an Android too. You already paid enough for your iPhone 6, why pay even more every time you want to use it? Many people have ended up in financial problems because they simply wanted to use their iPhone 6 regularly. The worst cases are always those people who wanted to use their phones abroad. All those extra rates stack up quickly and can threaten to ruin your time away quickly. Roaming charges have a reputation for doing that. However, unlocking an iPhone 6 turns it into what’s known as a GSM phone. This puts you in complete control where roaming charges are involved. Replace your current SIM card with that of a more affordable provider and all of a sudden you can go anywhere with your iPhone 6 and not have to pay considerably for it.

How To Factory Unlock iPhone 6 plus

There are some things you need to know in order to process with factory unlock of your iPhone

  • Network/carrier which had the phone locked
  • Which model you use
  • iPhone’s IMEI number (this number can be found on under Settings. Then go to General and About will show your IMEI number)

If you pay attention to the iPhone industry, you’ve probably heard someone mention to Unlock the iPhone 6. Chances are you’ve heard this mentioned more than once. It’s a very popular service within the industry. While it’s not unique to the iPhone, it’s generally used for this model more than any other smart phone on the market. To put it simply, when you use factory methods to do an iPhone 6 unlock, you stop Apple from imposing any restrictions on your device. This leaves you free to customize and use it as you please. Before you begin having any work done on your phone, however, it makes sense to learn more about this unique service. First off, understand that unlocking doesn’t mean damaging the phone. Without a question, the iPhone 6 is the most beautiful model that’s ever been made. So no one wants to see any harm come to it. In fact, we’ll get into it a bit later, but the best ways to unlock your phone doesn’t even require a technician to touch it, thanks to modern day technology. Nonetheless, all unlocking ensures that Apple is no longer able to exert control over how your phone is used.

Reliable IMEI Factory Unlocking

What’s best with factory unlocking is that your guarantee will remain valid since Apple supports this kind of unlocking. If you use free tools on the Internet more or less successfully, you will no more be eligible for any help from Apple, since you did what you did at your own risk, which is not covered by warranty. Also, there is no customer support if something goes wrong. If you still can’t wait to unlock your iPhone 6, do it safely using reputable web site with money back guarantee, which only need your carrier name, phone model and IMEI number. This will not harm your telephone in any way and will not void your Apple guarantee and you will have a full customer support on any matter after unlocking your iPhone 6 plus cell phone from the trusted source.