All cell phones, including Apple iPhone’s, are provided along with network operator contracts at subsidized rates. Those who want to purchase iPhone’s simply have to make a few hundred dollars down payment and walk away with the latest iPhone along with carrier contract. You eventually need data and text plans and so, the idea of getting a contract along with the phone may sound impressive. However, the reality is that the contracts are often expensive and you end up paying more than the worth of the phone and services combined together. The problem is even more annoying if you travel internationally frequently because your iPhone won’t work with any other service provider. You can enjoy true freedom with your iPhone 6S if you go through the process of unlocking it using the below available methods.

Practically, anyone who loves using an iPhone can benefit from iPhone 6S unlocking. You don’t have to stick with the expensive two year contracts when you know how to unlock iPhone 6S. Once unlocked, you can change the SIM card and even use prepaid GSM services. While you can’t experience great internet speeds with prepaid cards, they are still much better than paying a lot of money for network operator contracts every month. Unlocked iPhone’s are particularly useful for travelers who explore different countries. You don’t have to constantly worry about expensive international roaming when you unlock iPhone 6S. You can easily use any local GSM operator for as long as you stay in the country.

In many countries, the policy of the countries prevents Apple from selling locked phones. However, in the US, the carriers are privileged to sell exclusive iPhone’s and they take advantage of it. If you want to purchase an iPhone 6S in the US and gift it to your loved ones in another country then you need to unlock it first before it can be used with another SIM card. Moreover, unlocked iPhone’s have better resale value and you can make more money when you replace your old iPhone.

Using the software unlocking method is one of the common types of unlocking method used in unlocking iPhone’s. However, there are lots of dangers associated with this method. Without technical knowledge, you can’t even attempt to unlock your iPhone using software programs. Even if you unlock successfully, you can’t update iOS because the software unlock is limited by iOS, firmware and baseband.

The best method to unlock any iPhone 6S is to use the factory unlocking method provided by numerous online companies. After unlocking your 6S plus will just work like a factory unlocked phone right out of the box which means it can be used with any network operator in any country without worrying about relock. The factory unlocking method legally disables the software lock that Apple places on iPhone’s to lock the phone to carriers. You have to find the right unlocking provider and give the IMEI number of your phone. Once payment is made, you should wait for the confirmation from the company. Then you have to connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore the phone. Your iPhone will be permanently unlocked in a few hours if you use factory unlocking method.