Deciding Whether To Unlock Or Not

If your iPhone 6 is locked to a service provider, you have to use the services of the carrier till the end of the contract period. Generally, you have to pay a low upfront fees for the iPhone, but the contracts are often expensive. In reality, at the end of the contract period, you would have paid twice the cost of the phone and still the phone will be locked to the network operator. The recent move by the government to implement Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act enables you to do it directly from the network operator. However, this can be done only after you complete the two years mentioned in your contract.

Rather than waiting for the contract to end and paying huge phone bills every month, you can easily unlock your iPhone with third party suppoiers. The factory unlocking method is the only legitimate way if you want to know how to unlock it. If you are still not convinced, following are 4 reasons why you should unlock right away.

No worries about contract

The locked network providers provide most of the iPhone services at an additional cost. As your iPhone is locked, you have little choice because you have to honor the contract. Once you remove the SIM-lock you don’t have to worry about the contract anymore. You don’t have to keep paying the hidden charges and fees every month. When you travel locally and internationally, you don’t have to pay the huge roaming fee charged by the locked carrier. You can watch and download hd movies free.

Freedom to change service providers

You have complete freedom to choose any service provider in any country. Factory unlocking will work in all countries so that you can pop in any local SIM card and enjoy local rates. When you are not satisfied with your current operator and find better deals with other providers, you can switch to any provider at any time. There is no need to pay anything extra to terminate your contract before expiry.

Cost saving

If you unlock the iPhone 6s using factory unlocking method, your phone will work just like an unlocked phone out of the box. You don’t have to pay the full price of the phone if you unlock using third parties. Moreover, once you unlock the iPhone 6S, you can choose the best data and text plan provided by any network operator. You can even use a local prepaid SIM card if you want. This literally saves you hundreds of dollars on phone bills every month.

Increased resale value

Needless to say, unlocked iPhone’s are hugely preferred by anyone. This means that your unlocked iPhone will have a much better resale value. You will not only save money while using your unlocked phone, but you also have the opportunity to earn money from your phone. In fact, you can recover most of the cost of your phone when you sell an unlocked iPhone. You only have to spend a few dollars to instantly increase its resale value.