Apple has a lot of restrictions imposed on its devices which is why learning how to Unlock iPhone 6 is so common in order to have full control over your mobile phone. These restrictions are there because of commercial purposes. As users you can either stick by them while using your iPhone with all the limitations, or you can find a way to break free from all the limitations subjected to your iPhone usage. Let us first take a look at what are the restrictions on the usage of a newly purchased iPhone. To begin with, you cannot use your iPhone 6 on just any network of your choice. When you purchase the iPhone you also enter a contract with the official network carrier for iPhone in your area. That means you will have to use your iPhone only on that network. Now, as is the case with thousands of you across the world, the official network carrier does not really spoil you for choices. You have limited options; be it in choosing the data plan or be it in picking the call rates at which you want to make calls. What do you do when faced with such a situation? Do you give in? Do you continue paying more on your iPhone usage? You do not have to do that because the solution is at your fingertips, literally.

Factory IMEI iPhone 6 / 6+ Unlocking

It is now extremely easy to unlock iPhone 6 unlike it used to be before. If you have ever tried unlocking the iPhone 6 using software unlock you would know how frustrating that could be. Now only was it a complicated procedure to get your iPhone unlocked, it was also a temporary solution. As you know, Apple likes to come up with new updates on their iOS 8 and firmware every now and then. But, when you upgrade to a new iOS your iPhone gets relocked again if you had it unlocked with a software unlocking solution. To avoid that you need to factory unlock your iPhone 6 using the IMEI number.

Factory unlocking gets your iPhone unlocked from Apple’s original database. So, it does not matter if you update your iPhone iOS or firmware; your iPhone will continue to remain unlocked. This is the ideal and one time solution to your iPhone woes. There are so many problems that you could be facing because you are using a locked iPhone 6. Frequent travellers are the people who go through the most because of this problem. When you travel to a different city or country with your iPhone your phone is on a roaming network. And the roaming charges with these official carriers are usually very high. So, your iPhone becomes an additional burden and a source of serious expenses. As we mentioned before, sometimes unlocking a phone means literally opening it up to make the changes. This is fine when handled by a skilled technician. However, plenty of people have caused permanent damage by attempting this. Untested software on the Internet can do the same. Instead, pay the negligible amount it will cost you to have an expert handle the process for you. The best ones never need to even touch your phone. They’ll simply ask for the IMEI number and take care of the entire unlock remotely. Your phone never needs to leave our sight or be manually opened and messed with. Hopefully by now you can see the benefits of having your phone jailbroken. So long as you unlock your iPhone 6 via the preferred method described, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Factory unlocking helps you get rid of all these problems and much more. All you need to do to get your iPhone 6 factory unlocked is to get the IMEI number of your iPhone 6. Getting hold of the IMEI number is also not difficult. You need to dial *#06# from your mobile. The number displayed on your iPhone screen is your IMEI number. Now you need to find a third party unlocking solution that will help you unlock your iPhone with the help of the IMEI number. There are a lot of third party services that helps unlock the iPhone using the IMEI number.

Software Unlocking is Inferior to Factory iPhone 6 Unlocking

Get hold of a reliable third party unlocking service. You will need to make the required payment and provide your IMEI number. An unlocking code will be sent to your iPhone and you can use that code to unlock your iPhone. It usually takes about 48 hours to receive that code. Before using that code to unlock iPhone 6 use iTunes to back up all your iPhone data and settings. Now you can proceed with the unlocking process. For you to complete the process you will need to restore your iPhone to its factory settings. After the completion of the process you can start using the new SIM card on your iPhone. Because there is so much more you can do with your phone after you unlock it. The world is full of just too many options not to. For example, once you unlock the iPhone 6, you’ll be able to go online and download anything you want, like programs and music, straight to your phone. Currently, you can only download things the company approves of through iTunes and the App Store. Apple deems the practice too dangerous, but countless users do it. Again, fortunately, the iOS can be modified without actually affecting the physical device itself. Once you do this, the phone is free to be customized as you wish. There is a whole universe of options that exist out there for people who have unlocked their phones. As an example, most iPhone 6 users would like a way to customize the wallpaper that sits on the desktop of their phone. This seems fair enough, right? But until you unlock your iPhone 6 AT&T or Apple won’t let you do it. Simply put, it’s just not an option. You’re left with the boring default option instead. Oh, unless of course you’re willing to pay an exorbitant price for it from their app store. Then Apple has no problem allowing you to proceed. Once you see how many more and cheaper options you have, you’ll wish you had jailbroken your phone much earlier.

Choose a network that gives you more choices when it comes to data plans and call rates. Choose a network that requires you paying as per usage. You should also be careful when you choose the third party unlocking service. There will be a lot of options in front of you. Opt for an unlocking service that is credible and comes with a money-back guarantee. Your iPhone usage experience will improve drastically when you successfully factory unlock iPhone 6 with the help of the IMEI number.