All of your friends have already unlocked their iPhone’s, and you are still wondering why and how you can unlock iPhone 6? First of all, let me explain what it exactly means in case you are afraid your precious phone could be damaged. The iPhone 6 looks like a computer, works like a computer, but it is not a computer simply because its OS is closed by manufacturer and will not let you download, add, copy or delete files as you are able to do on a home computer. The main advantage of unlocking your iPhone is that you will be able to use services of any telephone provider, not only the one you both your telephone from.

Can You Unlock iPhone 6

An iPhone 6 unlocking might seem to be hard and costly if you decide to “jailbreak” it. But, you have to know that if you decide to “jailbreak” your iPhone, you will be able to add or delete certain apps you’ve always wanted, but the baseband (GSM modem) will in some cases still be locked and you will not be able to use any other carrier than you already did. If you are wondering how to unlock iPhone 6 in the safest, cheapest and fastest way you should opt out for factory unlocking also known as “SIM-free”. Factory unlock will provide you with the possibility to use any SIM card, in your home country and all round the world, using any network you want. This will minimize your roaming costs while traveling. Factory unlock will work regardless of the software you use on your iPhone and is compatible on all models including 6 plus, 6, 5S, 5C, and 5.

If people just wanted better desktops, maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal to be able to unlock your iPhone 6. When’s the last time you checked how much you were charged to place phone calls or make text messages compared to other providers? For most it’s been a while, but the brief exercise is well worth it, though you may end up a bit frustrated or at least surprised. You can always ask a friend who uses an Android too. You already paid enough for your iPhone 6, why pay even more every time you want to use it? Many people have ended up in financial problems because they simply wanted to use their iPhone 6 regularly. The worst cases are always those people who wanted to use their phones abroad. All those extra rates stack up quickly and can threaten to ruin your time away quickly. Roaming charges have a reputation for doing that. However, unlocking an iPhone 6 turns it into what’s known as a GSM phone. This puts you in complete control where roaming charges are involved. Replace your current SIM card with that of a more affordable provider and all of a sudden you can go anywhere with your iPhone 6 and not have to pay considerably for it.

How To Factory Unlock iPhone 6 plus

There are some things you need to know in order to process with factory unlock of your iPhone

  • Network/carrier which had the phone locked
  • Which model you use
  • iPhone’s IMEI number (this number can be found on under Settings. Then go to General and About will show your IMEI number)

If you pay attention to the iPhone industry, you’ve probably heard someone mention to Unlock the iPhone 6. Chances are you’ve heard this mentioned more than once. It’s a very popular service within the industry. While it’s not unique to the iPhone, it’s generally used for this model more than any other smart phone on the market. To put it simply, when you use factory methods to do an iPhone 6 unlock, you stop Apple from imposing any restrictions on your device. This leaves you free to customize and use it as you please. Before you begin having any work done on your phone, however, it makes sense to learn more about this unique service. First off, understand that unlocking doesn’t mean damaging the phone. Without a question, the iPhone 6 is the most beautiful model that’s ever been made. So no one wants to see any harm come to it. In fact, we’ll get into it a bit later, but the best ways to unlock your phone doesn’t even require a technician to touch it, thanks to modern day technology. Nonetheless, all unlocking ensures that Apple is no longer able to exert control over how your phone is used.

Reliable IMEI Factory Unlocking

What’s best with factory unlocking is that your guarantee will remain valid since Apple supports this kind of unlocking. If you use free tools on the Internet more or less successfully, you will no more be eligible for any help from Apple, since you did what you did at your own risk, which is not covered by warranty. Also, there is no customer support if something goes wrong. If you still can’t wait to unlock your iPhone 6, do it safely using reputable web site with money back guarantee, which only need your carrier name, phone model and IMEI number. This will not harm your telephone in any way and will not void your Apple guarantee and you will have a full customer support on any matter after unlocking your iPhone 6 plus cell phone from the trusted source.