All of the lucky iPhone users are fond of their iPhone 6S, but the expensive carrier contracts are one of the most annoying factors of using an iPhone. Even if your local network operator provides great data and text plans, you can’t use the cheaper plans because you are stuck with the network operator contracts. The idea of purchasing using the Apple payment with minimal down payment is enticing, but the real fact is that you will be paying more than the worth of your phone by the end of the contract period. Moreover, locked phones don’t have a good resale value and so, the carrier contracts do nothing good for the iPhone users. You have to unlock your iPhone 6S to truly enjoy the benefits of one of the best phones in the industry.

Choosing the right unlocking method is important!

When you look up ways to unlock the iPhone 6 on the internet, you will inevitably come across hundreds of website promising the best unlocking method. If you don’t spend your time in choosing the right unlocking method, you will end up damaging your iPhone. Some providers may ask you to mail your iPhone to unlock it. Obviously, it is dangerous to trust the third parties with your iPhone because iPhone 6 S unlocking can be done easily. There is no need to make any hardware changes to the phone and so, there is no need to mail your iPhone to anyone else to unlock it.

Software unlocking is one of the popular unlocking methods commonly used by computer geeks. When you want to unlock the iPhone 6S using software unlock, you have to purchase one of the unlocking software or take a huge risk by downloading a free unlocking software. The software program will make permanent changes to your iPhone software and warranty will be voided immediately. Moreover, the success rate with software unlocking is very low and even if you are able to successfully unlock iPhone 6S, then you are stuck with the base-band and firmware on which the iPhone is unlocked. You can’t update iOS 9.0 because the phone will re-lock even if you make some minor changes to the software.

The safest and best way to SIM unlock the iPhone 6S is the factory unlocking method which will simply add the IMEI number of your phone to the factory unlocked phones database owned by Apple. Apple and certain carriers have the ability to update this database and licensed companies such as Unlock iPhone Den can do that for you for a small price. You don’t need to make any changes to unlock your iPhone.

Factory unlocking is the best unlocking method!

As no hardware or software changes are involved, the warranty of your iPhone 6S will remain intact. You can enjoy free Apple services as per your contract even though you don’t have to use the contract carrier like AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile SIM card after unlocking your phone. Your iPhone 6 S will be unlocked forever in all countries and you can use any GSM operator worldwide without worrying about the device becoming locked again.